Tiger Encounter is a private organization that offers guests a unique opportunity to experience unforgettable wildlife in their natural habitat. Our team takes pride in guiding you to explore the right locations at the right times to maximize your wildlife encounters, especially with Tigers. Furthermore, we have been seeking out and excelling at wildlife adventures in Nepal for a decade. We have learned what adventurous people enjoy and can offer the best among all in Nepal.

We, Tiger Encounter have an experienced team of wildlife specialists and nature guides at your service. Also, they have both worked and traveled around the world together. Gaining a requisite of knowledge that provides you with amazing authentic wildlife safari experiences and creates. The opportunity to discover the Royal Bengal Tiger in the various national parks of Nepal. For the benefit of our guests, we can also organize economical tours to some of the most famous wildlife locations across Nepal.

Not only will we show you the incredible nature and wildlife. But we also hope to win your hearts and minds with our hospitality. We are always willing to assist our guests in all the possible ways we can. Treating our customers as members of our family and making them happy with our service is always our priority. Give us an opportunity to serve you and prove our words and make your adventurous wildlife safari trip come true.

Our Purpose

Tiger Encounter provides a Nepalese wildlife experience to the guests. It also focuses on the conservation of the Royal Bengal Tiger and other animals in Nepal. Rather than just observing the animals our vision is to build a deeper connection and communication between humans and wildlife. This helps in raising and spreading biodiversity awareness in humans and evolves a sense of respect towards each animal on the planet.

Our Team

Every member of the team must be seen as a significant aspect of the company. We are proud of our whole dedication and appreciation. Our team is the secret of our success. Our success is evidenced by our satisfied clients and their feedback and their repeated visits to Nepal with us.

With deep knowledge of the local flora and fauna, they lead guests on exciting adventures that showcase the beauty and diversity of the wilderness. Our commitment to safety, customer service, and environmental conservation ensure that every safari is a memorable and responsible one. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time explorer, our Safari Team will make your journey unforgettable. Join us in incredible and exciting wildlife adventures by exploring and selecting the best tiger encounter packages and other wildlife safari packages developed specifically for you.

Ghanshyam Sharma


Ghanshyam has been working in the field for over a decade. He has successfully handled a diversity of tourism expeditions, from high-altitude trekking, filming expeditions, and of course wildlife safaris. He is an excellent guide, with a plethora of knowledge and experience, specializing in the countries of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet, and Africa.

After successfully organizing multiple reality shows in the protected areas of Nepal, he has gained valuable insights into the best habitats of various animals. Their extensive travels and close encounters with different species have given them a unique understanding of the needs and behaviors of each animal. With this knowledge, he has been able to design safaris that offer guests the best chances to see and interact with the wildlife in their natural habitats. Whether you're interested in the big games, animals, birds, or primates, his expertise will ensure that you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the great outdoors.

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How It Started

Hello everyone, Namaste! I am Ghanshyam Sharma, CEO of Tiger Encounter. Trekkers Paradise and Tiger Encounter is an entrepreneur's dream come true after my decade-long expertise in the tourism of Nepal. I want to share how I came up with a tour specialized in a wildlife safari in Nepal. Back in 2016, I got an opportunity to be involved in a camera-trapping documentary project about wildlife in Bardia National Park. Our team spent almost 3 months getting an opportunity to be familiar with the park officials, hotel owners, nature guides, and local people. With the collective effort, we tracked an exceptional amount of wildlife, including the Royal Bengal Tigers!!

Sabina Khanal

Sabina Khanal


Sabina is a young travel and wildlife enthusiast. She has an ever-smiling friendly personality and infinite love for animals. Her compassionate nature and extraordinary eye for detail make her the mama tiger of the Tiger Encounter team.

Her commitment to responsible tourism and her deep understanding of the challenges facing wildlife and their habitats have earned her recognition as a leader in the industry. Under her leadership, the company is making a positive impact on the world and providing unforgettable wildlife experiences for visitors from all over the globe.

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Manju Mahatara

Guide & Photographer

"Born and bred Bardia National Park Conservationists"

Manju is a senior female safari guide, she has a passion for wildlife and nature. With years of experience in leading safaris and providing an unforgettable experience to visitors, Manju is knowledgeable and skilled in guiding visitors through various natural habitats and spotting wildlife in their natural surroundings.

Lhakpa Gyalbu Sherpa

Tour Guide & Photographer

"Content Writers, Senior Guide & Photographer "

Mr. Lhakpa is a knowledgeable and talented professional having a deep interest and experience in traveling and photography. He brings a unique perspective to every adventure. With a passion for nature and a keen eye for capturing stunning images, he leads guests on memorable and educational journeys through the wilderness. He is a true asset to our team and an unforgettable part of every safari experience. He is a wholesome package working as a content writer, an office operator , a photographer, and a guide.

Jiban Acharya

Tour Guide

"Born and bred Bardia National Park Conservationists"

Jiban is known for his exceptional ability to spot and identify wildlife, and his engaging and informative tours are often described as truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Aashish Mishra

Aashish Mishra

Guide & Photographer

"Mr. Aashish is a Wildlife photographer and tour guide"

Aashish, with years of experience leading safaris and wildlife tours, possesses a keen eye for capturing the magic of the natural world, particularly in his role as a leading guide for Red Panda expeditions and trail running, as evidenced by his exceptional photographs.

Sushila Mahatara

Senior Guide & Photographer

"Born and bred in Bardia National Park"

Sushila is a senior female safari guide, she has a passion for wildlife and nature. With years of experience in leading safaris and providing an unforgettable experience to visitors, Manju is knowledgeable and skilled in guiding visitors through various natural habitats and spotting wildlife in their natural surroundings

Sushila Mahatara

Ram Acharya

Guide & Photographer

"Mr. Ram is a Wildlife photographer and tour guide"

With years of experience leading safaris and wildlife tours, Ram has an eye for capturing the magic of the natural world, animals, and his photographs are a testament to his exceptional talent.

Some Features that Made us Unique

24/7 Online Service provider

Since we understand your urge to go on a vacation after a hectic work schedule, we wish to free you from the stress of choosing a destination and getting to know about the place, we provide instant response to all your quires. We are happy to help 24/7 if you need any kind of information related to wildlife encounters, the best time to visit, climate, and clothing.

Trust and Safety

We make sure that our guests pay securely and receive the best value for every penny invested. We have proper health coverage for all our workers and guides. We provide you with an ultimate wildlife experience while also keeping everyone associated with us safe and sound. Our aim is to exhibit Nepalese wildlife to our guests in a safe and hassle-free approach. You will be traveling responsibly without harming the wild animals in any way.

Licensed and Registered

Tiger Encounter is a wildlife tour operation segment of Trekker’s Paradise Pvt. Ltd. which is a government-registered travel and trekking agency linked with all required government bodies and related associations like Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) among many.

Experienced and well travelled youthful team members

We are a group of tourism and hospitality management professionals, working in this sector for a decade. Apart from being experienced tourism professionals, we believe that we are devoted travel and adventure enthusiasts as well as wildlife lovers. We have the requisite knowledge that helps you to experience the amazing wildlife safari and take the opportunity to explore the Royal Bengal Tiger and other wildaimals in the various national park of Nepal.

Reasonable and Customization Costs

We can assure you of the best price. We can also organize customized tours as per your budget. The prices we provide quotes are always transparent. We like to give you a clear picture of what’s included and what’s not in our packages; so that you can plan your trip accordingly. Also, we offer luxuries, premium & standard tour package with 100% guarantee to encounter with animals.

We Ensure Personalized Service

We will be in continuous communication with you during the trip as well. We will be aware of any situation that may arise and will guide you to every step of your trip. We believe that traveling is something that people should do as often as they can and we are positive about the fact that when it comes to Nepal once or twice is not enough. We are eager to provide you with our services on your future visits to Nepal. Even after your visit, you will only be one click or like/follow away from us.

frequently asked questions?

  • Does wildlife Tourism help in conservation?

    From contributing to the improved livelihood of a local tribe to keeping the poachers at bay; tourism and flow of people in the protected has lots of benefits. Furthermore, the revenue collected from tourism activities can aid in wildlife conservation and the betterment of the area.

  • Can I take photograph of the animals?

    Yes, but you should make sure you are clicking from a safe distance; without flash or any kind of sound that might disturb the wild animals. Digital cameras with zoom lenses and binoculars are suggested for better photographs and better viewing.

  • Is it safe to encounter wild animals?

    Yes, it is safe if done with experienced nature guides. These local guides are familiar with the forests, so following their instructions and watching the animals from a safe distance will keep you unharmed.

  • What are the chances of spotting a Tiger in Nepal?

    Some National Parks of Nepal like Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Banke National Park that shares the border with Indian forests have a favourable environment for tigers. Hence 3 to 4 days of tracking the tigers with the local nature guides will definitely provide you the opportunity to see the Royal Bengal Tigers.

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