Bardia: Best for Wilderness Wildlife Wanders

Bardia: Best for Wilderness Wildlife Wanders

Bardia: Best for Wilderness Wildlife Wanders; Bardia National Park is an excellent spot for spotting endangered species including the Royal Bengal Tigers, One-horned Rhinoceros, Swamp Deer, Gharial, Gangetic Dolphin, and Black-Buck among others. The park is the largest wildlife paradise in the lowlands of Nepal. Bardia is the dream destination of wildlife enthusiasts because the park has rich subtropical forests, grasslands, and wetlands. It offers the ideal habitat for wild animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and butterflies.

Bardia: Best for Wilderness Wildlife Wanders because the park is the best-protected place to explore its unique flora and fauna, attractive, peaceful, and pristine forests. It is the place to overtake thrilling wildlife activities like tracking the tiger trails and experiencing the culture of the indigenous tribe-Tharu people. Bardia is the spot to go if you want to get away from the throng and enjoy a calm jungle safari experience. Bardia National Park is tranquil and serene compared to other national parks o Nepal. While the park is flourishing and ready to welcome you, you won’t find crowds of excited tourists capturing pictures in all directions. You can walk hours and hours in the wild jungle and encounter only some people or sometimes not even a single person.

Furthermore, tracking the tiger trails in the park is one of the most thrilling and adventurous activities one needs to experience for a lifetime to know the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger. The primary goal is to track the tigers on its trails and territories and encounter them without causing any harm or disturbing them. Many tigers are tracked and encountered due to the experienced naturalists and nature guides familiar with the best places for tiger sightings, including Tinkuni and Kingfisher in the park. Chance encounters with these magnificent tigers create long-lasting memories and a real wildlife experience. There is a larger probability that you will be one of them. Have some patience, and don’t forget your cameras and binoculars. Get ready to have a blast and get the first glimpse of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger.

Tiger Tracking Bardia National Park

Paddling a dugout canoe or floating in a rubber raft is another great wildlife activity. It is a very exciting way to explore the park and spot wildlife. You have a high chance to see Gharial and Marsh Mugger crocodiles and other aquatic animals in the Geruwa River and Karnali River. You may occasionally see Gangetic dolphins as well. It is also peaceful to observe the many birds flying over the river and the various animals coming to the river’s side to drink. It’s fascinating to go along the sandy riverbank and see how many rhino, tiger, and elephant tracks there are. Even the Royal Bengal Tiger and the One-Horned Rhinoceros can occasionally be seen and photographed by the river’s bank, which will make your rafting trip exciting.

The native people that live in Bardia and the surrounding areas are called Tharus. The Tharu people are of Dravidian ancestry. Regardless, it is fascinating to observe and engage with some of their rare and distinctive cultures. You can go to the little museum to see the various native objects on display. The objects range from kitchenware to farming implements. You can also go to a Tharu village if you want a more genuine and educational experience. By doing so, you can discover more about their architectural style, way of life, and unwritten customs and culture.

The best time to visit the Bardia National Park is in the months of February to July and September to December. The optimum time to travel is between February and June. That is at the start of the hot season and the end of the dry season. Because tigers and rhinos come out to drink throughout the summer near the water holes. These hotter months are the best period to see them having a better possibility of seeing them. However, throughout these months you have to suffer the scorching sun. Therefore, if you wish to avoid sunny days, you should go from September to December.

Tiger Tracking Tour Outline Itinerary:


Day 01: Β Fly to Nepaljung (50 minutes) & Drive to Bardia National Park (2/3 hrs)
Visit Elephant breading center, Sunset view point & warm-up hike

Day 02: Full day private Jeep Safari inside Bardia National Park
With pack lunch, follow the tiger habitat Balconi, Kingfisher, Tented Camp etc.

Day 03: Full day private Jungle walk, core areas of Tiger
With pack lunch, walk in the tiger trail Tinkuni (three corners) & Chital Machan.

Day 04: Full Day Private Rafting (Wild animals, Birds & dolphin sightseeing) or Jeep Safari
A downstream drift in an inflatable raft is experience the wildlife inside the National park. Start from Karnali Bridge – 45 minutes’ drive by private jeep

Day 05: Morning Village tour, departure
Drive to Nepaljung (2.5 hrs) and fly to Kathmandu (50 minutes)

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