Gharial Breeding Center Kasara, Chitwan National Park

Gharial Breeding Center Kasara, Chitwan National Park

Gharial Breeding Center Kasara, Chitwan National Park

The Gharial Breeding Center was created by the national park authorities in 1978. Initially supported by the Frankfurt Zoological Society, the objective of this center is to breed this rare and endangered fish-eating crocodile and restock it in the wild. The key method used is to collect Gharial eggs in the wild and hatch them in captivity. Their hatching and survival rate in the wild is less than two percent. Thus, captive breeding is more effective as it protects the eggs from predators such as mongooses and humans, who steal the eggs for their supposed aphrodisiac values.

In captivity, the survival rate averages about 50 percent. Captive-raised gharials are released in the rivers when are five years old and reach about 150 cm in length. The Gharial Breeding Center is located near the park headquarters in Kasara and is easily accessible by car.

Gharial in Chitwan National Park

In the mid-1970s, Gharial (Giavalis gagenticus) population was estimated to be at a low of about 300 in all of its range, near from global extinction. During that time, only 70 gharials were reported in the Koshi, Narayani, Rapti, Babai, and Karnali rivers going through rapid decline due to their eggs stolen by humans for food and medicine; their killing for skins used in fulfilling superstitious beliefs; overharvesting and poising of fish; death from entanglement in fishing nets; industrial pollution of the river; construction of reservoirs and dams in critical habitats; and encroachment of habitats by agricultural farms.

NTNC’s Biodiversity Conservation Center supports the government in the management of the breeding center which includes taking care of hatchlings, monitoring the growth of hatchlings, releasing them in the rivers, and post-release monitoring. The center has made a significant contribution to the revival of gharials in the rivers of Nepal.


Wildlife Safari in Chitwan National Park


This 3 night 4 days tour in Chitwan includes different activities inside Chitwan and Chitwan National Park. You can enjoy a Canoe ride on the Rapti River followed by a walking safari inside the jungle. Likewise, you can enjoy the wilderness drive inside the Jungle, Gharial Breeding Center, Birds Watching, and indulge in Ethical Elephant activities. Similarly, you can spend the night at the jungle tower or with a local indigenous community. This package includes everything that you should do during your stay in Chitwan.

Day 01 Fly to Bharatpur, drive to Kasara, Chitwan NP
Day 02 A day with Gharial & Mugger Crocodile
Day 03 Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park
Day 04 Fly back to Kathmandu

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