Tiger Tracking at Bardia National Park

Tiger Tracking at Bardia National Park

Tiger Tracking at Bardia National Park is one of the ultimate wildlife experiences to witness the most extensive and magnificent creatures on the earth, the Royal Bengal Tiger. If you are eagerly anticipating watching the Royal Bengal Tigers, Barda is the perfect place to be.

Bardia National Park is a tourist hotspot for wildlife safari including tracking the tiger trails to spot them.  The majority of visitors to the Bardia National Park are successful in seeing Royal Bengal Tigers in the wild. Those who witness tigers while visiting the park usually leave with a smile on their face. Some of the world’s renowned celebrities of the world like Leonard DiCaprioSalena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Demi Moore, Prince Harry, and so forth visited the park.  After a visit by renowned actor Leonard DiCaprio, Bardia became a well-known location for tiger tracking in Nepal. He witnessed a female tiger with her four cubs in the park.

Bardia National Park in Nepal is a well-known destination for tiger tracking tours. Private tiger tracking tours are available for visitors who prefer a more personalized experience. These tours are typically led by experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the behaviour and habitat of tigers, as well as the other wildlife animals in the park.

Additionally, the Tx2 Award for tiger conservation was given to the Bardia National Park. With more than 125 tigers in Bardia alone, along with the nearby Banke National Park, constitutes the largest protected tiger habitat in the world. Since 2010, Nepal has become the first nation to double its tiger population, from 121 to 235. The presence of more prey species, better security, and a more natural habitat have all led to an increase in the population of tigers in the park.

The technique of tiger tracking is much more fascinating to track the tigers than it is to see them at a glance during tiger encounters at Bardia.  There are occasions when you can hear a tiger’s roar nearby but you cannot see them.  When you see a tiger for the first time, it is a unique sensation unlike any other. The sensation of having goosebumps, cold sweat, an accelerated heartbeat, or a blood vessel storm may occur.

Tracking a tiger includes different activities like Jeep Safari, Jungle Walk, and Canoe ride/ boating.  Tinkune, Kingfisher, Bag Machan, Laguna Machan, Tented Camp, and Balcony are the major hotspots of Bardia for tiger sightings. The best strategy to spot a tiger is to sit and wait at one of the hotspots. You will undoubtedly be taken to these locations on a safari by our guides who are familiar with them. Many Tiger Encounters are successful because of the persistence of experienced naturalists and nature guides in the park. Moreover, one must develop a great deal of patience in order to track and spot this intelligent magnificent tiger. Spotting a tiger, though, also rely on luck. Chance encounters with tigers will be the ones you appreciate that create everlasting memories that never fade away.

Private Tiger Tracking Tour

Expert naturalists and park rangers follow the tiger trails in the wild by concentrating on and closely examining their pug marks, signals like droppings, sitting and scratching on the trees, detecting their fragrance, new paw prints on the paths, talking to the local people, hearing the alarm sounds made by monkeys, deer, birds, and other prey animals. When the tiger is walking, certain animals and birds will signal. The most dependable alarm call in the event of a tiger is the sambar deer sound.  Furthermore, the langurs can spot predators from a great distance. The direction of the tiger approaching can be determined by looking at which side the langur’s head is facing. Another significant cue for which way to go for encountering a tiger is the sounds of babblers, the cracking of a red jungle fowl, and other ground-dwelling birds.

The best time to spot the tiger is between February and May. During these warm months, the weather is calm providing a chance of spotting a tiger. You might catch a glimpse of the tiger when it comes to the river to quench its thirst during the summertime. During the monsoon months, we cannot trace the tiger well. Due to the thick bushes and difficult road conditions caused by the heavy rainfall. Mostly all the wildlife including tigers remains hidden during these seasons of time. So it is not the time for tiger encounters. However, the early winter months of September to November have a very high likelihood of witnessing them. Get ready to enjoy the most out of what Bardia has to offer to you all!

Tiger Tracking Tour in Bardia National Park Outline Itinerary:


Day 01:  Fly to Nepaljung (50 minutes) & Drive to Bardia National Park (2/3 hrs)
Visit Elephant breading center, Sunset view point & warm-up hike

Day 02: Full day private Jeep Safari inside Bardia National Park
With pack lunch, follow the tiger habitat Balconi, Kingfisher, Tented Camp etc.

Day 03: Full day private Jungle walk, core areas of Tiger
With pack lunch, walk in the tiger trail Tinkuni (three corners) & Chital Machan.

Day 04: Full Day Private Rafting (Wild animals, Birds & dolphin sightseeing) or Jeep Safari
A downstream drift in an inflatable raft is experience the wildlife inside the National park. Start from Karnali Bridge – 45 minutes’ drive by private jeep

Day 05: Morning Village tour, departure
Drive to Nepaljung (2.5 hrs) and fly to Kathmandu (50 minutes)

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