Visitors Entry Protocol

Visitors Entry Protocol

Updated Informations, On September 1- 2021


The Government of Nepal announced an end to a country-wide lockdown in place in late April 2021. The Government of Nepal continues to strictly monitor and enforce safety measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Travel management order for the travelers arriving and departing from Nepal 2021, has been issued as per the decision of the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) dated 22nd September 2021, provisioning the following conditions. This notice has been issued by the Department of Immigration superseding all formerly related notices:


01 Vaccination

All foreigners arriving in Nepal via immigration office at the airport or land border documents for on-arrival-visa at the entry/exit point:

  1. Evidence of completion of 14 days of full vaccination against COVID-19.
  2. COVID-19 negative report (RT-PCR, Gene Expert, True NAAT, or WHO accredited test) obtained within 72 hours of the departure from the first port of embarkation or within 72 hours, if entering Nepal by land.
  3. Copy of Mountaineering/ trekking permits or other related permits if any,
  4. Proof of Hotel reservation in Nepal
  5. Print copy of International Traveler Online Arrival Form obtained after online registration in  


02: Without Vaccination

Foreigners without complete vaccination against COVID-19 arriving by air must obtain a recommendation letter from their travel/trekking/tour agent in Nepal and a visa from the Nepali diplomatic missions abroad. On-arrival visas at land border entries are not available to unvaccinated travelers. All unvaccinated and semi-vaccinated travelers must comply with the Government of Nepal’s 10-day quarantine mandate, which requires quarantine at a local hotel at their own cost. A PCR test must be completed and returned negative on the 11th day before traveling within the country will be permitted. Such travelers must present the following documents:


  1. COVID-19 negative PCR test report obtained within 72 hours of entering the country
  2. Copy of mountaineering/trekking permits, or related permits, if available
  3. Proof of hotel reservation in Nepal
  4. A printed copy of the International Traveler Online Arrival Form obtained after registration in
  5. Note: Non-resident Americans born in Nepal returning to visit family members, and foreigners married to Nepali citizens, must also submit the documents mentioned above.
  6. And are subject to 7 days hotel quarantine at their own cost, and are permitted to work as per the purpose of their visit only if tested negative



Indian nationals arriving in Nepal through entry/ exit points at the land border should submit the documents

  1. COVID-19 negative report (RT-PCR, Gene Expert, True NAAT or WHO accredited test) obtained within 72 hours of the departure from the first port of embarkation or within 72 hours, if entering Nepal by land.
  2. Print copy of International Traveler Online Arrival Form obtained after online registration in


Visitors Entry Protocol | COVID-19 Information

The following protocol has been issued on 18th March 2021 by the government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) for managing the arrival of incoming tourists to Nepal.

The Process for entry to Nepal (Visa related)


  • Tourists visiting Nepal must take visas from Nepal’s Diplomatic Mission in their respective countries.
  • In absence of Nepal’s Diplomatic Mission or in case of difficulty in availing visa in the home county, visitors arriving by air can get the on-arrival visa from the immigration desk at Tribhuvan International Airport. However, such tourist must have a pre-visa recommendation letter issued by the Department of Tourism (DOT) or Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)
  • DOT or NTB shall issue the visa recommendation letter; only after submission of all required documents by the concerned local agency in Nepal.

For Tourists coming to Nepal


  • All tourists visiting Nepal must furnish the following documents at the Airline Check-In counter before boarding


  • PCR Negative report of swab taken within 72 hours of boarding OR report of complete vaccination against COVID-19. However, it is advisable for everyone to still get a PCR negative report taken within 72 hrs as the airline or rule of the same countries1 requires the same for outbound travel.
  • Copy of Nepalese Visa or recommendation letter from Department of Tourism/ Nepal Tourism Board.
  • Hotel booking confirmation or guarantee of accommodation.
  • Copy of Travel Insurance that covers heath, immediate crisis, or rescue for the duration of their travel.
  • Barcode generated after the online application of International Travel Arrival form


  • The concerned airlines shall give boarding clearance to the passenger after sure that the passenger has all the above documents

After Arriving in Nepal


  • All incoming tourists must take a mandatory COVID test upon arrival in Nepal at their own cost in coordination with the respective local agency. The tourist can continue with their itinerary if the report is negative. In case the report is positive, the tourist must continue to stay in hotel quarantine until the report reads negative.


  • The concerned agency must do COVID 19 insurance of Rs. One Lakh for their staffs accompanying the tourist group.

Special Provision Related to Indian Tourists


  • For Indian Tourists arriving in Nepal through air route, the existing provisions will remain as per the “Nepal-India Travel Bubble Agreement”. A negative PCR report within 72 hrs of boarding is mandatory.


  • Indian Tourists arriving in Nepal through land routes will have to produce a Negative PCR report done within 72 hrs of arriving at the immigration point at Nepal-India border.


  • Along with the negative PCR report tourists also require to bring along the barcode generated after the online application of the International Travel Arrival Form

Documents required for visa recommendation to be summited by Local Agency


  1. Application letter from concerned Association with verification of all the documents.
  2. Copy of Tourist’s passport
  3. Travel Itinerary
  4. International Air Ticket booking confirmation
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Copy of Company Registration of the concerned company
  7. Copy of latest Tax Clearance of concerned company

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