Where is the main habitat of One Horned Rhino in Nepal

Where is the main habitat of One Horned Rhino in Nepal

Where is the main habitat of One Horned Rhino in Nepal

Chitwan National Park offers a wonderful opportunity to witness the beauty of the one-horned rhinoceros in its natural habitat, along with a chance to explore the diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes of Nepal’s Terai region. Certainly, if you’re interested in seeing the one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal, you should plan a visit to Chitwan National Park.

The one-horned rhinoceros, an iconic symbol of resilience and grace, roams the grasslands and marshes of Asia’s wild landscapes. With its single horn and armor-like skin, this majestic creature embodies the power of conservation efforts that have helped protect it from the brink of extinction. Witnessing a one-horned rhino in its natural habitat is a profound experience, a testament to the importance of safeguarding our planet’s diverse and extraordinary species.

The one-horned rhino, a symbol of Nepal’s rich biodiversity, finds its sanctuary in the lush landscapes of the country. Thriving in national parks like Chitwan and Bardia, this majestic creature stands as a testament to Nepal’s commitment to wildlife conservation. Encounter the awe-inspiring one-horned rhino in its natural habitat, a unique experience that highlights the beauty and importance of preserving our planet’s remarkable species.

Rhino tour in Chitwan National Park

Where Can I See One Horned Rhinoceros? Where is the main habitat of One Horned Rhino in Nepal



Chitwan National Park is located in the southern part of Nepal, covering areas in the subtropical lowlands of the Terai region.


Chitwan National Park is famous for its rich biodiversity and is home to a variety of animals and birds. The park’s main attraction is the one-horned rhinoceros, but you can also spot Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, sloth bears, wild boars, various species of deer, and more.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Chitwan National Park is during the dry season, which runs from October to April. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the animals are more active and visible due to the reduced vegetation and availability of water sources.

Outline Itinerary:

One-Horned Rhino Tour itineraries is customisable; according to your choice & the number of days you want to stay. Simply, you can also modify your daily activities.

  • Arrival in Chitwan National Park (flight/drive), Canoe ride & walk
  • Full day Jeep Safari
  • Full day Jeep Safari
  • Back to Kathmandu (flight/drive)

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