Big Five Game in Bardia National Park

Big Five Game in Bardia National Park

Big Five Game in Bardia National Park

The Big Five game in Bardia National Park, refers to the five most prized animals found in the country’s national parks and protected areas, which include the Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, One-Horned Rhino, Asian Elephant, and Dolphins.

Bardiya National Park in West Nepal, which is considered to be the largest protected area in the Terai region, is rich in terms of geography and nature. Nature has blessed Bardiya with the long Karnali River of Nepal, the vast plains of Terai, various types of animals, beautiful birds and many other things. Known as the tribal tribe of Bardiya, there is a majority of hill and Tharu tribes in Bardiya. Their dress, lifestyle, and religious culture have made Bardiya fragrant.

Bardiya is one of the important areas for wildlife and vegetation But did you hear about the big five wildlife games in Bardiya….? If you haven’t heard about that, we will tell you about the Big Five Game.

1. Royal Bengal Tiger

The first and most important game is the Royal Bengal Tigers. The tiger is also called the king of the jungle because it is the strongest and smartest of all. If I am not mistaken,the tiger and Bardiya have a mutual relationship. As a whole, Bardiya is remembered as a tiger land. Here is good habitat and prey species for the tiger, which is the most important thing to increase the number of tigers. The tiger is in the state of extincction in some countries of the world, but the tiger can be easily found in Bardiya. It has given satisfaction to the foreigners who come to Bardiya from abroad to watch tigers.

Bardiya, which has succeeded in increasing the number of tigers five times in almost 10 years,has been honored with the international award TX2. It doesn’t matter how many times you have come to Bardiya, but how many times you have seen a tiger plays an important role. Because meeting with a tiger is considered mandatory after coming to Bardiya. At this time, according to the Tiger Cencus 2022, the total number of tigers is 125 in Bardiya.

2. Asian Elephant

Bardiya national park is directly connected with Katarniya ghat wildlife sanctuary through khata corridor. That’s why Bardiya is considered an excellent habitat for wildlife. There are two types of elephant in the world: African and Asian, among which the Asian elephant is found in Nepal.The Asian elephant is one of the largest animals on earth. Elephants are also known as social animals after humans because they like to stay in groups. When the rainy season arrives, usually from October to December or from March to June. Herds of elephants return to the local areas to feed on the lush, green vegetation. Elephant migration gives vegetation time to regrow in depleted grazing areas.

Although the number of Asian elephants in Bardiya is more than 120, they appear in one group of up to 45-50. It may be surprising to hear, but since the elephants in the group never attack. All the tourists who come to Bardiya enjoy elephant viewing easily.

3. One-horned Rhinoceros

Although Bardia has worked hard to protect the rhinoceros, it has been able to give tourists plenty of fun. So a one-horned rhinoceros is also a rare animal in the world,so Nepal has kept it on the list of protected wild animals. Although there are only 38 rhinoceros, they can easily appear as a group in any location and surprise those who come to see them. If you are visiting Bardiya,then the Rhinoceros is one of the must-sees. This is also a big five game in the bardiya, which is a must-see thing to see in the wild. If you are coming to Bardiya, don’t miss seeing the one-horned rhinoceros.


The leopard, a member of the cat family, has recently been neglected in conservation in Nepal. Even though the leopard has to suffer in this situation due to its direct relationship with the community,bardiya has special status. Recently,the leopard has made a good reputation in Bardiya. Previously,the leopard was seen only occasionally,but now it has appeared with pleasure. Although there is no count of the number of leopards yet, it is easily found that all the people who come to Bardiya have seen the leopard. Some people enjoy watching leopards instead of tigers. If you come to Bardiya, do not forget to see Bardiya’s emerging identity, leopards.

5. Dolphin

Dolphins are now rare throughout Nepal. In 2016, the Department of Wildlife Conservation and National Parks estimated the river dolphin population in the country at 52 individuals. 43 in the Karnali River and its tributaries, and 9 in the Koshi River. It is not only statistics but also reality that the number of dolphins is high in Bardiya. You can see dolphins with open eyes. It is fascinating. A dolphin is an animal that likes human music and also likes to play with humans. One of the attractive things about Bardiya is watching the dolphins while rafting on the Karnali river. How many times have you been to Bardiya to see rare dolphins?

Author: Jiban Acharya (Tiger Encounter Senior Safari Guide)


All these five species are protected by the government of Nepal and are considered as National Heritage Animal of Nepal. The hunting of these animals is strictly prohibited and severe penalties are imposed on those found guilty.

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Outline Itinerary

01: Fly to Nepaljung and Drive to Bardia National Park
02: Big Five Game in Bardia national park
03: Big Five Game in Bardia national park
04: Big Five Game in Bardia national park
05: Fly back to Kathmandu

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