Four Nights Five Days Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park

Four Nights Five Days Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park

Four Nights Five Days Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park

First Day

Early morning fly to Nepalgunj, This one-hour flight will take you to the city in the Terai Region. After landing at Nepalgunj, drive to Bardia National Park (2 / 3 hours) by private transport. Upon arrival, a welcome drink will be served and a short briefing on the program and our facilities, and rooms will be assigned.

In the evening take a village tour to learn more about the indigenous community’s fascinating culture and lifestyles. Rejuvenate yourselves by viewing the sunset over the Karnali River and sipping a beverage of your choice.

Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and drive to Bardia National Park


We arrived in Thakurdwara, which is close to Bardiya National Park, safely yesterday. Today is the first day of our trip hope it will be an amazing day. After breakfast, we left from Hotel at 6:30 AM for Jungle Walk inside the national park. According to the Park rule earlier than sunset, we need to return from the jungle. Our guide Manju has already arranged all the equipment which is important for walking in the forest. We also carried a packed lunch, some fruits, and water in our bag, and we take the stick (Lauro) and ticket before entering the park. The stick is the most essential item for a jungle walk, thus please don’t forget to carry it.

We crossed the Khauraha Khola (Khauraha River) and then we headed towards the grassland of Chittal Machan (Deer tower). We walked towards the Hatti Machan (elephant tower), looking at the many herds of Deer in the Chittal Machan and capturing their picture on camera. After walking for about 30 minutes, we reached the Hatti Machan, we decided to take a little break there and sat down under a nearby tree. We are located in a significant region that was highly recommended for walking animal observation. We were looking at the river and the area around it because of this when we spotted a male peacock dancing at a distance of around 50 meters. We watched the dance, which was visible to the naked eye. Additionally, there were seven female peacocks nearby. After spending some time admiring that magnificent dance, we all set out for Bhellar Tree along the same river.

Tiger in Bardia National Park

Deer’s shout alerted us just as we were about to arrive, and as we turned to face the river, the king suddenly appeared. The tiger presented himself to us from a distance of roughly 50 meters. We felt wonderful because we could see the tiger relaxing in the pool during the summer. We continued to enjoy seeing him swim. He eventually figured out the trick we saw, got out of the water, and made his own way through the grassland and trees. We also headed to our next habitat area, towards the Bagh Machan (tiger tower). We were just sitting on that tower, trying to glimpse something else while gazing out across the grasslands and river bank. After lunch and taking a short break, we continued on to Tinkune (Three Corner), the most significant and last location on our walk for the day. Four rhinos and two hog deer had been waiting to greet us when we arrived in Tinkune. There was no need for us to wait.

Tinkune is a well-known location, that’s why both domestic and international visitors admire it. From their own locations, everyone was observing the animals. The summer months (May-August) are also very impressive for animal observation, so there were a lot of foreigners. We recall the tiger, the rhino, the deer, and the peacock dancing as we walked for 45 minutes to get back to the hotel.

Jungle Walk inside the Bardia Nationa Park


Today is our second day in Bardiya, and we’re going on a Jeep safari. We accomplished everything as planned and arrived at the park’s entrance. Today we will drive through Sal forest, Harry Chowk, Bagaura Fanta, Rhino Tower, Laguna Tower, Balcony, Lamkoili Fanta, and Dhanes Taal. We entered the park today with a permit like yesterday. We found a herd of spotted deer sitting on the grassland in front Of the NTNC Office. The number of deer in Bardiya has not been estimated yet. The number of tigers in Bardiya is doubling today as compared to yesterday due to the adequate availability of deer species which are considered tiger food. Then we slowly entered the Sal forest. On the gravel road, a wooden bridge was visible from somewhere therefore we were feeling love for nature. At that time about 30 meters, we saw Blue Bull. A pair of sambar deer greeted us on the road while we were a little further away. Sambar is the largest species of deer. After a few minutes of drive, we reached the Laguna Machan (Hog Deer Tower). Then we sat on the Laguna Machan and started eating today’s food. After resting for a while, we headed towards the Balcony which is considered an important point of today. It was already late for a back hotel that’s why we return from Lamkoili Fanta according to the park rule before sunset we need to check out from the gate. We saw a lot of things today and we will plan important activities for tomorrow.

Jeep Safari inside Bardia National Park


Even today, get up early and have breakfast. We have an adventure planned for today in Bardiya. We’ll embark on a rafting safari today on Nepal’s longest river, the Karnali. For this adventure, everything is prepared, and we are too. We carried dry bags for the protection of devices like cameras, mobiles, and binoculars.

Today we have added a new guide for rafting and he is name is Khusiram. He has a lot of experience rafting in the Karnali River. Our rafting trip will begin from the Karnali Bridge in Chisapani, which is 32 kilometers away from our hotel. The peacock and deer families used to block the road from time to time while driving about 16 km inside the Bardia National Park then we reached Karnali rejoicing.

The Karnali River flowing from the Himalayas is considered the longest river in Nepal. The Karnali Bridge, built on a single pillar, is considered a model bridge made with Korean technology. We were all eager to begin our journey, then we started our day by preparing for rafting. We were fascinated by the sound of various birds coming from the river bank. The big waves of the River were calling us to swim. We were greeted by a pair of dolphins, Near Lalmati we saw a dolphin diving. After that, we kept flowing to the Karnali River. We reached the balcony fully enjoying the view and the time. After about an hour of rest and eating, we were starting our journey. Nearby we saw a mother and baby rhinoceros playing in the water. When we saw them obstructing our way, we thought that they would not allow us to proceed, perhaps it was their deep love after some time they had to allow us to extend our trip further because we had more things to see and love with nature. We were enjoying such lovely views that provided coolness in the hot sun, Herds of otters, who raced with us as if betting on a race, forced us to compete. After bidding us a safe farewell from their territory, they returned. Today’s trip was almost over when Otter said bye.

All these days spent in Bardia were golden for us. As today is our last day in Bardia, we have decided to do something special today.

Rafting in Bardia National Park


We will drop you at the airport according to your flight schedule. Tiger Encounter hopes to take you to another exciting wildlife safari in Nepal soon.

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Author: Jiban Acharya (Tiger Encounter Senior Safari Guide)