Group Joining Safari or Private Safari

Group Joining Safari or Private Safari

Group Joining Safari or Private Safari? Which one to select?

A safari journey offers some of the best sights and sounds the world has ever seen, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The ideal safari trip is defined by the fun and adventure you have while participating in such an exhilarating experience, whether you are interested in seeing a variety of wildlife basking in their natural habitat while doing a jeep safari, nature walks or enjoying a romantic dinner while watching the mesmerizing sunset.

The next choice is how you intend to go about on a safari. In this instance, you have to decide whether you’d prefer a group or a private safari within a national park, and you’ve chosen either self-catering accommodation or a luxury lodge. There are various factors that determine your choice of safari either group or private. Each safari provides a different experience, and both have their own pros and cons.

Group Joining Safari


Group Safari in Nepal


  • Affordable:

Budget travelers frequently choose group safari since it is affordable. While some people can afford it with ease, others need to stick to a strict budget to make it happen. Due to the ability to split the cost of necessities among the groups, like travel, feeding, and accommodation during the trip, folks on a tight budget prefer to travel in groups.

  • Travel companionship:

Some people find traveling alone to be a little monotonous, however, joining a group might give you fantastic travel companions. You can interact with vacationers from all cultural backgrounds and participate in a shared safari experience.

  • Security:

In the outdoors, traveling in a group might increase your sense of security. Your mind does become more at ease when you realize that someone is watching out for you. When you travel alone or with less travel companions, sometimes you may get attacked by wild animals.

  • Less planning:

A safari vacation can be arduous to plan. Make a detailed list of everything you want to do, including sightseeing locations, game drives, lodging, etc. On the other hand, joining a group requires less preparation and even enables you to take advantage of shared priced rates.



  • Less flexibility:

An itinerary for a group safari trip is typically less flexible because it must accommodate various interests and persons. For group joining, all excursions will have a set itinerary and set departure time with no flexibility at any point. This is due to the fact that not all travelers choose to alter their plans.

  • Compromise:

For group joining, the pickup time will be set. If you are running behind schedule for the group joining, the car would have left without you. You might have to make concessions on everything during a group safari. You could have to decide which of the beds to take in the tent, who gets the window seats on game drives, or even where to go to the bathroom. Constantly making concessions could detract from the peaceful and enjoyable experience that should be the focus of a safari trip.

  • Cancellation:

Many group excursions have a minimum number of participants that must be met, and if that doesn’t happen, there’s a potential that the trip will be postponed or canceled. This could make you feel a little frustrated, especially if you were looking forward to the activity in the first place.

  • Add-ons:

It may not be feasible to select Add-on activities in Group joining itineraries because everyone in the Group must adhere to the same timetable.

Private Safari


Jeep Safari inside Bardia National Park



  • Fewer people:

Because there are less people on the private safari, the guide can give you more attention. There will be less of a crowd, allowing you to experience a tranquil and serene nature safari.

  • Flexible itineraries:

Private safari trips offer the most freedom and flexibility because you can decide which wildlife parks to visit, which animals to see, and how long to stay at each place. You can schedule everything the way you want on Private Safari. This improves the quality of your safari trip and enables you to take your time enjoying those moments.

  • Accommodation choice:

You can customize your safari experience to whatever you’d like with a private safari excursion. In every wildlife park, you are free to select the lodging that best suits your needs without sacrificing luxury or solitude.

  • Additional safari experience:

With a private safari, you also get the extra benefit of participating in more activities to improve your experience. You can go cycling, rafting, dugout canoe riding, and culture exploring for more safari experiences.

  • Private vehicle and driver:

You’ll often have your own car and driver on a private safari, allowing you to stop whenever you need to and stay as long as you like at each destination. Additionally, you get to explore further into the woods to spot the park’s or game reserve’s more solitary residents and get breathtaking images from amazing angles. Your driver will be able to give you more in-depth local knowledge that will enhance the experience.


The primary drawback of a private safari is its expensive price. Despite the fact that it is a tailored event designed to maximize every aspect of your safari excursion, only a few people with good financial backgrounds can actually afford and experience it due to the high cost.

To sum up, both private safaris and joining a group safaris have their own benefits and drawbacks. Even still, going on a private safari is usually advised because it is more comfortable and of higher quality, and it is worth the money you spend. Group safaris are primarily designed for singles, backpackers, and couples on a tight budget. It is never suggested for a family holiday, honeymooners, family with young children, or senior individuals.

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