MANANG: the nearest paradise of snow leopards from Kathmandu

MANANG:  the nearest paradise of snow leopards from Kathmandu

MANANG: the nearest paradise of snow leopards from Kathmandu

Manang is truly a paradise not only for trekking but also for a snow leopard that outsiders seldom see. Surrounded by the spectacular vistas of the Annapurna ranges, Manang is  rich in vibrant and lively natural and cultural beauty.  Manang lies high in the Himalayas at an elevation of 3,579 meters.  Manang is the famous acclimatization point during the Annapurna Circuit Trek.  It is the perfect stop before undertaking one of the highest passes in the world, Thorong La Pass (5,416 meters). During the acclimatization day, Ice Lake, traditional Braka Village, and Gangapurna Lake are the side trips from Manang you can embark on.

Besides the famous trekking trails, the barren highlands of Manang are home to the elusive snow leopard. Among the snow leopard habitats in Nepal, Manang in the Annapurna Conservation Area is the nearest place from Kathmandu to spot the snow leopard in the wild. Manang has a good connection with the roadways and is accessible within 2 days from Kathmandu.

Snow Leopard Conservation Heroes of Nepal

Rinzin Phunjok Lama & Tashi R. Ghale; the snow leopard conservation heroes of Nepal in the same frame


Moreover, there are more sightings of snow leopards than in any other places of Nepal to date. Tashi R. Ghale, who hails from Manang has spotted snow leopards more than 50 times.  No other man has seen the snow leopards multiple times like him. He is not only a mountain man but also a wildlife and nature photographer, snow leopard guardian, and conservationist. He has been working for the conservation of snow leopards in Nepal for 2 decades.

Tashi has won multiple awards including the Disney Conservation Award 2018, the 2016 Abraham Conservation Award from WWF, and many more. He was honored with the prize because of his commitment to preserving snow leopards and their living environment within his community.

With the experience of 2 decades in snow leopard conservation and photography, Tashi R. Ghale is our expert guide during every Snow leopard expedition in Manang. He has captured the best photographs of snow leopards, other wildlife and birds, peoples, and landscapes of Manang.