The nearest place from Kathmandu to spot rare Red Panda

The nearest place from Kathmandu to spot rare Red Panda

The nearest place from Kathmandu to spot a rare Red Panda is the Langtang National Park. There is a recent sighting of rare and endangered Red Panda in the Pangbu Danda and Mangingoth region of the Langtang National Park. The park is the closest national park to Kathmandu. The park is reachable in just a single day, and with the assistance of local trackers and forest guardians, there’s a good chance of seeing red panda promptly. There was a spotting of a red panda during the red panda tracking trek organized by our Tiger Encounter Pvt. Ltd. After the sighting of the red panda, there was a throng of wildlife photographers from Nepal in that area to take photographs of the red panda. We, Tiger Encounter, are with you on your every mile and entire journey to make an exciting wildlife safari experience in Nepal.

The Langtang National Park is the first mountainous national park and the second largest national park in Nepal. The park was the first national park where the first sighting of Red Panda was recorded in Nepal. It is also the first national park to save the endangered Snow Leopard in Nepal.

Mangingoth, Langtang National Park

This region of the park is still unexplored and untouched by tourist traffic. It is a region where traditional cultures, traditional ways of life, and rural communities are still surviving. The Red Panda Trail of Pangbu Danda and Mangingoth calls for adventurous wildlife visitors.Β  Seeking authentic experiences in a place where few have gone before.

Red Pandas are also visible in the Ghyangphedi, Mhera Gang, and Pake Danda. These areas lie on the border of Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk districts in the Langtang National Park itself. Red pandas, also called Habre in Nepali, inhabit temperate forests with an abundance of bamboo.Β  These forests range in altitude from 2,800 to 3,600 meters. These forests are found in Nepal, India, Bhutan, northern Myanmar, and southwest China. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that the global population of red pandas is currently less than 10,000.

The nearest place from Kathmandu to spot rare Red Panda

Red Panda Tracking in Langtang National Park


  • 01: Drive from Kutumsang and trek to Mangingoth
  • 02: Full-day Red Panda tracking
  • 03: Hike to Pake Viewpoint andΒ  full-day Red Panda tracking
  • 04: Full-day Red Panda tracking
  • 05: Trek back to Maghu Village, and drive back to Kathmandu

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