Things to do in Bardia National Park

Things to do in Bardia National Park

Things to do in Bardia National Park


Royal Bengal Tiger


Nepal is not just rich in Mountains and Cultural Places but also wildlife. Among the many established protected areas, Bardia National Park is one of a kind for Tiger Encounter. Established in 1988 AD as Royal Bardia National Park, it is the largest national park and most undisturbed wilderness area of the Terai region of Nepal.

The chance of tiger sighting here is extremely high. The best months for Tiger Encounter in Bardia National Park in March, April, and May. (starting of summer season makes the tiger come outside to drink water at least 2 times a day).

Jungle Walk


Among the most popular activities in Bardia National Park, our jungle guide and wildlife tracker will take one to the jungle to point out the hidden life of the wildlife, where one can have wildlife experiences by walking through the jungles and riverside safely. The guide introduces us to many wildlife, flora and fauna and natural scenery and also has great photographic opportunities. Tiger sightings are the most popular reason to do jungle treks in Bardia followed by wild rhinos and elephants along with other wildlife.

Bird Watching


Bardia has also been a paradise for feathered creatures watching. Over 400 species of birds are seen in the national park and buffer zone. Bardia National Park offers a great chance to see the birds like Crow, Myna, Dove, Vulture, Crane, Kingfisher, Sparrow, Parrot, Eagle, Pigeon, Humming Bird, woodpecker, Kite, Cookoo, Egrets, Black Ibis, Warbler, Duck, Francolins, Hornbills and hundreds and hundreds of more. Many migratory birds come from the mountains to this park to get rid of the cold and get enough amount of pray.

Wilderness Drive


Wilderness drive is another best thing to do in Bardia National Park. This wilderness drive-by jeep will help easily to investigate the tremendous region and cover the huge range. One can stop the jeep and stroll to the creature’s conceivable outcomes zone. And additionally, observe the different sorts of woods and regular excellence and landscape.

Wildlife Rafting


Wildlife rafting in Bardia takes place in the Karnali River. Full-day rafting is also the best way to observe wildlife, which runs across the park. When people come across animal possibilities areas from time to time. Rafting creates great opportunities to sight the river birds, Asiatic Gangetic dolphins, crocodiles, insects, and much more living in the river system as well as great fishing in the river.

Tharu Culture Museum


Tharus are the indigenous groups in the Bardia district. This stands to provide data about their culture, lifestyle, and much more. The main purpose of establishing this museum is to restore vanishing indigenous Tharu cultural heritage. This museum is decorated with needed all materials, like ornaments, foods, equipment, dress, mud made grain storage, husking machine, Tharus God, etc.

Culture Dance


Tharu culture is one of the main attractions of Bardia for tourists. Bardia is the home to indigenous tribal people called Tharu. Tharu will show the dance with the story of their own history, culture, traditions, activities. And many others believe like Hurdunguwa, traditional stick dance, and so on. When the dance is about to end, they also invite the guests to join them for the dance.

Visit Elephant Breeding Centre


The elephant is fast becoming one of the most endangered animals so the breeding center was established to increase its numbers. You will have an opportunity to visit the breeding center and learn about the efforts to increase its numbers.

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