Tiger Range Country Decreased from 13 to 10

Tiger Range Country Decreased from 13 to 10

Tiger Range Country Decreased from 13 to 10

The countries like Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. A recent study on the tiger population has shown a rapid decrease, in fact, extinction in Laos. In addition, the big cats have already been extinct from Cambodia and Myanmar. With this, the countries with the tiger population have decreased from 13 to 10. Still considered as a potential tiger habitat, the conservation attempts to return the tigers to their natural homes continue in Laos.


Number of Tiger in Country

In 2010, at the Tiger Summit in St Petersburg, these 13 tiger range countries committed to the most ambitious and visionary species conservation goal ever set: TX2, which aims to double wild tiger numbers by 2022. The survey conducted by the Global Tiger Recovery Program in 2010 concluded that there are around 3643 tigers remaining in the wilds. These 13 countries are determined to double the tiger population by 2022. Indeed many conservation attempts are being conducted as per this ambitious pronouncement.


Among the 13 Tiger range countries Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Russia have been successful in increasing the tiger population. By 2022 the tiger population in these countries is almost certain to double. In Laos, the survey using a camera trap conducted for 5 years went unsuccessful to trace any tiger. The researchers have speculated that poaching might be the main reason behind the extinction. While during the first year of the camera trap survey some pictures were traced. However, the pictures were seen less with time.


Habitat destruction and the extinction of prey species all over the world are the major challenges to this carnivore’s survival. Tigers mark their territories and are used to living separately; other tigers are not allowed in their territory. But the loss of habitat has created a situation in which these majestic creatures are forced to live in a small area, which is not favorable for their conservation.


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