Visit Nepal 2020- Wildlife Experience

Visit Nepal 2020- Wildlife Experience

Visit Nepal 2020 an experience of a lifetime

The tourism board of Nepal has announced the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign with the aim of promoting Nepal as an ultimate holiday destination. Likewise, the whole country and Nepali people are all geared up to make this promotion a success. Nepal is the best-valued tourism destination in the entire world and the place you should be in the year 2020.

After the earthquake in 2015, the world found Nepal unsafe to travel because they were looking at Nepal through mainstream media. In the year that followed those who were aware that only 12 out of 75 districts of Nepal were affected by the quake visited. Some visited to support the people affected by the devastation while some visited for recreational purposes. However, the tourism industry of Nepal has remained affected to date.

The visit Nepal 2020 campaign is a message to the whole world that Nepal has risen from the devastation and is safe to visit. Nepal is ready and welcoming as always for visitors to explore and experience.

01 Experience Wildlife

Visit Nepal 2020 Experience Wildlife



02 Experience One-Horned Rhino

Visit Nepal 2020 Experiences One-Horned Rhino



03 Experience Royal Bengal Tiger

Visit Nepal 2020 Experience Royal Bengal Tiger



04 Experience Snow Leopard

Experiences Snow Leopard



05 Experience Red Panda

Experience Red Panda



06 Experience Diverce Culture

Experience Culture



07 Experience Nature

Experience Nature



Experience Adventure

Experience Adventure



Experience Nepalese Hospitality

Experience Nepalese Hospitality