Wildlife Filming in Nepal

Wildlife Filming in Nepal

.Wildlife Filming in Nepal

Filming has been an inevitable part of trekking in today’s world. Filming in Nepal has gradually become popular among filmmakers as well in recent years. Every year, many film crews come to Nepal to make documentaries, commercials, TV series, and feature films. The World praised films like Everest, The Little Buddha, and 14 Peaks, and an Oscar-nominated film like Caravan were all filmed in Nepal. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and the homeland of eight thousanders with 14 mountains above 8000 meters above sea level. Many international bloggers, Youtubers, film crews, and documentary makers are being attracted to Nepal.

Nepal is a captivating country with its natural beauty, highest mountains in the world, verdant hills, plain land of Terai regions, honey hunting, heritages, history, cultures, traditions, lifestyle, adventure outdoor activities, and so on. But at the same time, Nepal is a paradise of flora and fauna as well where you can pursue your wildlife filming dream.

Nepal offers the most picturesque locations for wildlife filming. About 23.39 % of the land of Nepal covers 12 national parks, 1 Wildlife Reserve, 1 Hunting Reserve, 6 Conservation Areas, and 13 Buffer Zones. These areas extend from lowland Terai to high mountains (https://dnpwc.gov.np), the habitat of diverse species of wild animals and birds.

Nepal is rich in natural resources consisting of 118 ecosystems, 75 types of vegetation, and 35 forest types over distinct altitudes and climates. These ecosystems and forests have been protected as conservation areas and national parks. Nepal is the first country to double its tiger population from 121 to 355 in the past twelve years. So if you are looking for a Royal Bengal Tiger documentary, Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park grant you more opportunities to film them as these national parks have more tigers. Also, you can film the endangered One-horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, and Swamp Deer in these two parks.

Nepal has more than 889 bird species: 8% of the world’s known bird species.Β  The endangered Spiny Babbler is a bird only found in Nepal. Likewise, the rare Himalayan creature Snow Leopard is filmable in the Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. You can mostly catch sight of these animals in this area. A large population of snow leopards resides in this area. Other national parks are known for their endangered wildlife like Red Panda, Four Horned Antelope, Pangolin, wild water buffalo, and many more.

We ensure the location, filming permits, and the right equipment for wildlife filming in Nepal. We are always ready to assist you with all the required paperwork to get the filming permits, and customs clearance. We are here to arrange all cast, crew, and equipment.

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