World Snow Leopard Day

World Snow Leopard Day

World Snow Leopard Day – Oct 23, also known as International Snow Leopard Day is a yearly celebration observed in numerous nations around the globe to raise awareness for the conservation and preservation of snow leopards. Its mission is to preserve one of the world’s rarest wild cats. Snow leopards are fascinating and strong creatures. However, they are also susceptible to poaching and prey loss. These animals are scattered among 12 different Central Asian nations. They often inhabit rocky, high alpine settings between 3,000 and 4,500 meters above sea level.

The Snow Leopard is listed on the Red List of Threatened Species maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Increasing awareness for saving this species and their habitat is the purpose of International Snow Leopard Day.

The first International Snow Leopard Day took place on October 23rd, 2014, for the first time. The primary goals of this day are to highlight the value of snow leopard conservation and to increase public understanding of this amazing creature. The significance of taking action to halt poaching and coordinating efforts with an environmental organization in the nations that make up the snow leopard’s range is also emphasized on this day.

The nations that make up the snow leopard’s range started the day. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, India, China, Bhutan, and Afghanistan are among them. These nations ratified the Bishkek Declaration for the protection of snow leopards on October 23rd, 2013, at the very First Global Snow Leopard Forum that took place in Bishkek,  the capital city of Kyrgyzstan.


Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar – 830 m
Day 02: Drive from Besi Sahar to Chame – 2,725 m
Day 03: Drive from Chame to Manang – 3,500 m (Rest Day)
Day 04 – 09: Trek and track Snow Leopard in different locations
Day 10: Drive back to Besi Sahar
Day 11: Drive to Kathmandu


Global Snow Leopard Population

Global Snow Leopard population


Snow Leopard Trek in Nepal

Snow Leopard

Protected Areas of Nepal