Bardia National Park Rules and Regulation

Bardia National Park Rules and Regulation

Bardia National Park Rules and Regulation

Nepal Governments Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation established in 2037 B.S (1975 A.D). It dedicated to conserving wildlife and vegetation by handling all protected areas in Nepal. Which include 12 National Parks, 1 Wildlife reserve, 6 Conservation Areas and 1 hunting reserve.

Besides this, DNPWC has been doing an excellent job in supporting people living nearby as well as those living in the buffer zone. Promote ecotourism and carry out surveys about flora and fauna. This including an annual census of endangered animals like the Royal Bengal Tigers.

Here are the rules and regulations that DNPWC has set to the visitors.

Bardia National Park Rules and Regulation to follow or things to remember:

  • An entry fee of Rs. 1500 (Foreigner), Rs. 750 (SAARC Nationals) and Rs.100 (Nepali) per visitors have to pay at the designated ticket counter per day.
  • Valid entry permits are available from the National parks ticket counter at the Nepal Tourism Board or Park entrance gate at Bardia National Park.
  • The entry permit is non-refundable, non-transferable and is for a single entry only.
  • Entering the park without a permit is illegal. Park personnel may ask for the permit, so request to the visitor to keep the permit with them.
  • Get a special permit for documentary/filming from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC).
  • Documentary/filming fee of US$1500 (Foreigner) Rs.50,000 (SAARC Nationals) and Rs.10000 (Nepali) most pay at DNPWC. Additional 25% for drone filming.
  • Drone (UAV) fee is same as documentary/filming fee while using for other purposes.
  • One has to pay an additional fee for an elephant ride, jeep drive, camping, boating, rafting.
  • Do not remove or harm plants and animals. All flora and fauna are completely protected and can not be disturbed.
  • Rubbish must be placed out, buried or disposed of in approved areas.
  • No one should walk within the park between sunset and sunrise.
  • Do respect the cultural and religious sites.
  • For camping in public places within the national park.
  • Carry out non-biodegradable items such as batteries, plastic bags, and bottles.
  • A guide is a must for Jungle walks.




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