World Tourism Day 2023

World Tourism Day 2023

World Tourism Day, celebrated annually on September 27th, is a significant event designated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to globally promote and heighten awareness of the multifaceted social, cultural, political, and economic importance of tourism. Commencing in 1980, the inaugural World Tourism Day laid the foundation for this essential occasion, where governments, organizations, and individuals within the tourism industry convene to engage in discussions spanning various facets of this dynamic sector.

Each year, various events, seminars, workshops, and campaigns are organized around the world to mark World Tourism Day and contribute to the promotion of tourism and its positive impacts. These activities often include discussions on sustainable tourism, cultural exchange, and tourism’s role in economic development and job creation. The celebration of World Tourism Day also serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible travel and tourism practices for the well-being of both travelers and host communities


World Tourism Day 2023 Theme

“World Tourism Day is profoundly significant, as it illuminates tourism’s multifaceted impact on human existence. It serves as a catalyst for cultural exchange, fostering connections among individuals of diverse backgrounds, who in turn learn and grow from each other’s experiences. Simultaneously, it acts as an engine for economic growth, generating job prospects and invigorating local enterprises. Beyond this, it serves as a beacon for environmental consciousness, spotlighting the imperative of sustainable tourism practices to safeguard our planet for posterity. Moreover, World Tourism Day champions the notion that travel can wield immense influence as a tool for peace and mutual understanding.”


World Tourism Day and Nepal

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