Jungle Safari in Bardiya National Park

Jungle Safari in Bardiya National Park

Royal Bengal Tiger  Jungle Safari in Bardiya National Park


Bardiya National Park is a protected area in Nepal that is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including tigers, elephants, and one-horned rhinos. A jungle safari in Bardiya offers visitors the opportunity to explore this pristine wilderness on foot, by jeep, or by boat. During a safari, visitors can expect to see a variety of wildlife and take in the scenic beauty of the park. Some popular activities in Bardiya include bird watching, wildlife viewing, and cultural tours.


What is a safari?

Safari is an exciting adventure that allows you to explore unexplored paths and pristine natural horizons of the jungle and the forests. It’s an activity that allows you to explore new locations, the countryside and meet new people and be eco-friendly.

Top 7 reasons behind jungle safari in Bardiya National Park

Bardiya jungle safari is a popular travel package for tiger Tracking. Exploring Nepal’s largest and least visited national park, Bardiya National Park. It is home to 839 vegetation and 642 mammals including the Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, wild elephants, swamp deer, and other wildlife. Here we mention some activities during jungle safari in Bardiya National Park.


All ages are welcome on a jungle safari

Generally, this era of safari in Nepal is for all individuals of all ages from little to adults to oldies. We provide safe and economical Nepal tours for seniors (over 70’s) and family safari for those who are traveling with children, catering to both older and younger visitors. There is no age limit in any Nepal parks so it’s totally up to you to decide whether your children are ready for their first trip to gain a new experience in the jungle.

Jungle walk

The most popular activity in Bardia National Park is jungle hikes. It is also feasible to go on longer excursions from half day morning or evening, staying in communal forest places. From overnight stays in the jungle to full-day hikes, there are many different jungle activities in Bardia. The most common reason why people go on forest excursions in Bardia is to see tigers, then wild rhinos, elephants, and other animals. Just remember that tigers are slow to appear! Bardia offers forest hikes that can last anywhere from a single day to a number of weeks. If you want to go on more than one trek, do negotiate rates and request reductions.

Tiger Tracking

Still, Tiger Tracking is one of the most popular activities in Bardiya national park. Bardiya national park is the home of adult 125 tigers. It is the best place for easy tiger tracking. Because of the less dense forest and fewer water resources in Bardiya, there is a high chance of spotting the Royal Bengal tigers. Although Royal Bengal Tigers are very elusive and may be seen across Nepal, there’s also a possibility that you’ll see one around here. During this thrilling journey, we’ll concentrate on looking for evidence of tigers’ presence, including scratch marks on trees or pug marks on the trail.

4WD Jeep Safari

Our naturalist will lead you from one area to another in a 4WD wheeler jeep deep into the forest so that you can get close to some targeted species. In order to see the wild animals, our driver will stop the jeep many times and will then go farther into the forest without making noise in the jeep.


Many visitors enjoy taking a day trip boating to the rivers around Bardia. You’ll see the forest from a different perspective than you would on foot or jeep. Boating provides you with a good chance to observe the riverside scenarios of crocodiles and other aquatic creatures, along with the flying birds above the rivers. Sometimes, you can spot and capture even the Royal Bengal Tiger and The One-horned Rhinoceros at the river’s edge.   

Animals will often ignore you and go about their business as usual. The drawbacks of boating include the fact that it may be costly and that crocodiles are a very real threat in the water!

Bird watching

Some birds and animals in Bardiya have been developed into somewhat of Heaven for all visitors.  Bardiya national park is home to over 500 bird species including both migratory and resident birds. Bengal florican, lesser florican, Silver-eared Mesia, and Saurus crane are the endangered birds found in Bardiya. Kingfishers, whistling, hornbills, ducks, and Spanish babblers are some of the common birds visible there.

Tharu Cultural Show/homestay

Visit the Tharu village and explore the houses and lifestyle of the Tharu people. Attend a Tharu cultural program as well. Tharu people are the largest ethnic population group residing in Terai. They have their own culture and lifestyle. They have distinct archeological housing styles using natural materials like straw, wood, and mud. Tharu cultural program entertains the tourists visiting Bardia National Park. This cultural program is experienced by most tourists. Tourists get full entertainment from popular Tharu dances like Danda Nach( Stick dance), Ago Nach ( Fire Dance), and Mayur Nach (Peacock dance).

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By booking a tour with Tiger Encounter, visitors can ensure that they have an enjoyable, safe, and authentic experience exploring the hushed jungle and wildlife of Nepal.

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