On The Tiger Trail | Royal Bengal Tiger

On The Tiger Trail | Royal Bengal Tiger

On The Tiger Trail

Together with the adjacent 550 sq km Banke National Park, Bardia National Park’s 968 sq km now forms one of the largest protected tiger habitats in the world, with estimated 50-puls tigers in Bardia alone. While this is less than Chitwan, you probably stand a much better chance of seeing one here if you put in the hours at one of the ‘hotspots’ for tiger sightings: Tinkuni (three corners), Kingfisher, Tented Camp, and the Balcony. All the Tiger Encounter’s guides know these places well and you will certainly be taken to them on a safari. Don’t be surprised to find a large troop of tiger-spotters already in position when you arrive.

Some people spend the entire day sitting and waiting (and whispering) with a packed lunch for that elusive glimpse. The best time of the year to see the tiger is February to May and the best tactic is to sit and wait at one of the hotspots. Don’t forget to bring binoculars (tiger encounter has enough binoculars), a telephoto lens for your camera, and maybe a book to while away the hours. Raft trips may also stop at one or more hotspots en route, although this limits your time at them.

Tented Camp, Bardia

Tented Camp, Bardia National Park


Tinkune, Bardia

Tinkune, Bardia National Park



Balcony, Bardia National Park

Rafting, A Complete Experience of Wildlife

A downstream drift in an inflatable raft is a relaxing way to experience the park, as well as giving you a chance at spotting wildlife. A typical drift starts on the Karnali River, just above the Chisapani Bridge, and turns to lift into one of its branches, the Geruwa River, which marks the park’s westernmost boundary. Stopping for lunch, you get to walk around the sandy riverbank where you can observe the heavy traffic of animal footprints, or make deeper forays into the jungle, including tiger hotspots. Crater marks of elephants and rhinos are crisscrossed with perfectly imprinted tiger pugmarks and delicate monkey and deer prints. Even if you don’t spot anything, the journey is so peaceful and picturesque that it is its own reward. This is not white-water rafting, although there are some gentle dips. Given the crocodiles in the river, swimming is not advised, as several locals have unfortunately discovered.

On The Tiger Trail | Royal Bengal Tiger

Boating, Bardia National Park

Activities in Bardia National Park

  • Jungle walk
  • 4WD Jungle Safari
  • Canoe Ride
  • Boating
  • Cycling
  • Bird watching
  • Tiger tracking
  • Dolphin watching
  • Fishing
  • Homestay
  • Tharu Cultural Show

Outline Itinerary

01: Fly to Nepaljung and Drive to Bardia National Park
02: Tiger Tracking in Bardia national park
03: Tiger Tracking in Bardia national park
04: Tiger Tracking & Tour
05: Fly back to Kathmandu

Come across the magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers, and watch them live their untamed lives. Experience this immense quest in the wilderness of the most undisturbed protected area in Nepal.

Tiger Encounter in Bardia National Park

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