Protected Birds Species in Nepal

Protected Birds Species in Nepal

Protected Birds Species in Nepal – Rare Birds of Nepal

The National Red List of Nepal’s Birds covers all 875 bird species recorded in Nepal: 8% of the world’s known bird species. The National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act 1973 contains 34 sections and provides broad legislation for establishing protected areas and conserving species in Nepal. Nepal now has 15 protected areas under the Department of National Parks and Wildlife jurisdiction, covering 14% of Nepal’s total surface area. This Act gives protection of species to birds listed below.

S.N Name Scientific Name
1 Black Stork Ciconia Nigra
2 Giant Hornbill Buceros Bicornis
3 White Stork Ciconia Ciconia
4 Sarus Carne Grus Antigone
5 Bengal Florican Houbaropsis Bengalesis
6 Lesser Florican Syphoetides Indica
7 Impeyan Pheasant Lophophorus Impejanus
8 Crimson Horned Pheasant Tragopan Satyra
9 Cheer Pheasant Catreus Wallichii

Birds live and die within nature’s aviarium; all birds are unique and have their natural traits, blueprints of behavior, and life history. They need food, cover, perch, bathing water holes, and clear skyways. The avifauna of Nepal is biologically diverse. Well over 875 species have been recorded, about a tenth of the world’s known birds. The Spiny Babbler (Turdoides nipalensis) is the new species first described in Nepal by Martens and Eck.

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